Dog Day Care Centre
Opening times 7.30am to 6.00pm

1/2 day play 8am -1pm, Full day from 7.30am-6pm

Reduced  rates for 2nd and 3rd dogs from same home see our prices page. 


Let them have fun while your at work or out

Check out our 1 hour Saturday Club designed for you to  join in the fun with your dog too. (winter months only)

Improve their Social Skills around other Dogs,

Dogs need to feel happy around other dogs whether the dog is big or small

Lots of fun, play and love

Doggies Friend Daycare Centre consists of a large indoor play area with lots play equipment and toys. 

Your dog can play and run around until their hearts content.

Play can continue even when the weather is wet and cold  outside. 

When the weather is fine there is a secure outside area with grass and more playtime fun.

There will be nap time too just incase your worried they may over do it .




How to Register your dog

To download the registration form click the download link above to register for Doggie Daycare,

complete the form then give us a call  on 01327 317877, we will then book an appointment for your dog to attend

a trail to test for their suitability to attend.

Puppies are excepted from 6 months old.

How to book once registered.
Send an email  to 
Please list date, whether full day or half day, for 1/2 day please state. 
 Please include the name and surname of your dog. 
A email will be sent back to you comfirming your bookings
Doggies Friend
Dog day care center in Daventry, England
20 High March,
NN11 4HB
Phone: 07811834294

Monday          7:30am–6pm

Tuesday          7:30am–6pm

Wednesday    7:30am–6pm

Thursday        7:30am–6pm

Friday             7:30am–6pm

Saturday        Closed

Sunday           Closed


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