Day Care, Home Boarding, Pet Home Visits General Terms & Conditions


Payments. £50.00 deposit will be required for all bookings of home boarding for each dog and for Pet Sitting  bookings of over 2 days long. No booking will be confirmed until we are in receipt of the said deposit. Deposits are non refundable should you cancel your booking. Full payment of the balance will be required 14 days prior to commencement of service, If service is cancelled between 14 days to 7 days prior to commencement of service then 50% of the remaining balance will be payable. If cancelation is made less than 7 days prior to commencement of services ,then the full balance remains payable subject to our discretion. Payments for Pet home visits are payable prior to commencement of services. Dog Walks and Day care services of 2 days or less a week are also payable in advance of the service been provided. For weekly regular day care and walking services, monthly invoicing is applicable with payment to be made within 7 days of date of invoice. Late payments may affect future services being provided for your pets. Payments not received within 1 month from date of invoice may be past for collection to an outside debt collection agency for recovery, this may also incur further costs to the customer.Payments can be made by means of bank transfer, cash, or cheque payment method details will be provided at your initial consultation.



Dog walking & Day-care & Pet home visits Retainer Fee. To ensure your dog/s keep their place or slot secure, as in childcare we request that a retainer fee is paid to us during weeks of absence due to customers taking holidays etc. This fee ensures that your slot or place is not taken up by other customers waiting for a service with us. The £10.00 a week per dog will be payable if your dog/s uses our walking service, home visits or day care services more than 2 days a weeks on a regular basis. The payment will guarantee your dogs/s slot or place on your return from holidays or sickness, and is payable in advance of any holiday or absence. The retainer fee will not be payable if it is us that are closed for service i.e. at Christmas.


Dog Walking ½ hour We can only accept dog/dogs that are suitable to be walked with other dogs between the hours of 11.30 and 2.30pm. Our half hour walks are taken where possible locally to the dog’s home due to time restraints. We will endeavour to walk your dog across countryside if ½ hour time limit permits. Sometimes if other dogs within your local area are to be walked with us, then your dog may be transported to an area a little further away from home so may be away longer than ½ hour. Individual Dog Walking If your dog requires walking alone due to not been suitable for mixing with other dogs, these walks are only available between the hours of 8am-10am or 3pm - 5pm. The walks are available as a 1 hour walk or a ½ hour walk and will be done locally to your home. Dogs must be suitably lead trained without accesses pulling.   We will require 48 hours notice of cancellation of any walks prior to the day of walks booked, if notification is not recieved then the walk/walks will be charged for.



Day-Care; Monday - Friday 7.30am - 6pm; this is classified as a full day. We also provide a ½ day service which are mornings between 8am – 1pm and afternoons 1pm – 6pm. ideal for socialisation of your dog/dogs, or if they suffer from separation anxiety it can give you the freedom to take time out without worry. Dogs cannot be taken before 7.30am and must be collected by 6pm unless by prior agreement with us... Dogs wishing to use our day care service will only be taken after a consultation and trial visit to access suitability for this service. We will not accept dogs that show aggression or severe behavioural problems. Bitches in season or puppies under the age of 6 months will not be accepted for Day Care. However we can provide home visits for this category of dogs.

We can only take uncastrated males up until they have reached maturity to enable castration.  This rule also applies to our Home Boarding service.  Whilst every care and attention is given to each dog on Day-Care we cannot be held responsible for loss of life, illness or injury unless caused through direct negligence on our part. All dogs must be fed at least an hour before a Day-Care service begins.  This rule also applies to our Home Boarding service.  24 hours notice of cancellation of any daycare prior to the day of care booked,  will be required if not recieved then the daycare will be charged for.


Pet home Visits ideal if you own a puppy that is too young for walks due not having been fully vaccinated. Or if you wish your cats or small animals or birds to be fed while away on holiday. There should be facilities available for our use if we are required to clear up any waste / litter trays. We will not be held responsible for any damage made to your property by your pets in your absence. No refund of payments for home visits will be given unless the home visits are cancelled by us. In the event of services not been required by you due to change in your circumstances part way through the booked services then no refund will be given. We will not be held responsible for any break in to your property in your absence, but will notify the police on your behalf if we find this to have happened and will also let you know immediately. Home visits will not be allowed as a replacement for home boarding or kennelling.  We will require 48 hours notice of cancellation of any Pet Home Visits prior to the day of Visits booked, if notification is not recieved then the home visits will  be charged.



Dog Home Boarding 

1. We reserve the right not to accept your dog(s). We will decline dogs that have not been castrated or bitches that are in season or due to come into season. We do not accept puppies that are less than six months of age (subject to consultation).

2. Dogs can only be accepted if they have been fully vaccinated, at least four weeks prior to being boarded and within the last twelve months prior to being boarded. DUE TO LOCAL COUNCIL REGULATIONS VACCINATION CERTIFICATES MUST BE LEFT WITH DOGGIES FRIEND EVERY TIME YOUR DOG IS BOARDED WITH US. We reserve the right to refuse to board your dog if the current required vaccination certificates including the Kennel Cough vaccine cannot be produced at the time of boarding. Your dog must be up to date with worming and flea/tick treatments and must include the Kennel Cough vaccine.

3) All dogs must be fit and in a healthy condition when left at Doggies Friend. Dogs showing signs of illness will not be accepted.
While your dog is in our care you authorise us to make decisions regarding your dog's health by signing the veterinarian treatment release form. We will at all times act in the best interests of your dog. We will need to  be authorised by you to call your or our veterinary surgeon should we need any information regarding your dog's welfare. Any related charges will be borne by you


4)You must inform us of any fact, quality or characteristic which might render your dog unsuitable for home boarding (for example behavioural or health problems, anti-social behaviour including aggression, incontinence/lack of house training or excessive loud barking/whining). Failure to do so could cause us to remove your dog from our premises either to your emergency contact or failing that to a local kennel until you return at your expense. The deposit and boarding fee will remain payable in full to Doggies Friend.  

5) No dogs will be accepted for boarding without an emergency contact name and telephone number. All reasonable efforts will be made to contact you or your emergency contact in the event of an emergency. Your emergency contact may be asked to remove your dog from our property if it becomes difficult to handle, dangerous or comes into season during the boarding period. If this is not possible then the dog maybe put in boarding kennels at your expense. The deposit and boarding fee will remain payable in full.


6) Whilst every care and attention is given to each dog boarded we cannot be held responsible for loss of life or illness from whatever cause. If you instruct us to exercise your dog off lead, you accept full liability for any loss or damage caused as a result.

7 )You are liable for any damage inflicted upon us and/or our property by your dog whilst boarding with us.

8) You are responsible for providing appropriate and adequate food and bedding for your dog’s stay with us. Collars and leads (complete with identification tag) being worn by dogs and must be secure and in serviceable condition so they cannot break or slip loose. We accept no responsibility for loss or damage to your belongings i.e. bedding, toys, leads etc.


9) All dogs must be wearing a collar with their identification tag attached for the whole duration of their stay with us.  This is a requirment by law 


10)  A  £50.00 deposit is required when booking before your required dates can to be confirmed. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE in the event of cancellation, If cancellation occurs within 14 days of the start date of your dog's stay 50% of the booking fee is payable.(subject to Doggies Friend Discretion). If cancellation accurs All deposits are non-transferable. All fees are payablea specified in the payment section of these terms and conditions. If the dog is collected before the pre-agreed departure date there will be no refund. Dogs can only be accepted or collected at a pre-agreed time. If you attempt to drop-off or collect your dog at any other time, we shall not be held responsible if we are not available. Should this mean your dog has to stay a further night, this will be subject to an additional night's boarding fee.


11) Drop off times and collection times for boarders, can only be between 8am & 6pm Monday - Friday, or 9am-5pm on Saturdays or 9.30am - 4.30pm on Sundays.  


12) Drop off and pick up times must be specified prior to boarding,  These times must be kept too at all times, unless due to delays beyond your control. In such a senario please notify us of any change as soon as possible. Customers may incurr extra costs in this eventuality 

Walks and Pet Visits.

Our Cancellation Policy's

 pet visits

We will require at least 48 hours’ notice of cancellation of any walks or pet visits prior to the day of walks/visits booked, if notification is not received then the walk or pet visits will be charged for. 

Day Care.

We will require at least 24hours notice of cancellation of any Day-Care prior to the day of care booked, if notification is not received then the day-care will be charged for.


A £50.00 deposit, for each dog will be required for all bookings of Home Boarding and for all Pet Sitting bookings of more than 3 days.  Full payment for bookings less than 3 days will be payable on booking.                                           

No booking will be confirmed until we are in receipt of the said deposit. Deposits are non-refundable should you cancel your booking.

Full payment of the balance will be required 14 days prior to commencement of service,

Any boarding cancelled less than 14 days prior to  service commencing will not be refunde, this is subject to Doggies’ Friend’s discretion.

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